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Guide to Landscaping for Swimming Pools


Landscape Design for Swimming Pools

Investing in a swimming pool for your backyard is sure to bring many fun memories, but deciding on how to incorporate landscaping into your new pool area may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, the team at Gurley’s knows a variety of  tips and tricks to compliment your pool with the right plants, greenery, and other landscaping features. With the right pool-friendly landscape design, you can add beauty and value to your backyard.

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What should I consider when choosing landscaping for my swimming pool?

Choosing which plants to incorporate in your landscaping design around your swimming pool can become overwhelming. However, if you know what to consider and which plants are the best, the process doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Consider Plant Size for Swimming Pools

When researching the plants you want around your swimming pool, make sure you consider the size of your backyard and how large the plant can grow. Although tall trees can create a sense of privacy, you don’t want to invade your neighbor’s space or make the backyard feel crowded. From flowering trees to small shrubs, each plant size should be chosen with great consideration. 

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Consider Plant Fragrance Near Swimming Pools

One way to make your backyard feel like a spa is to incorporate plants with tropical or sweet fragrances. Nothing compares to the sweet smell of nature, and your family and friends will feel more relaxed than ever while spending time in your backyard. However, since you’ll be spending so much time outdoors near your pool, you don’t want to overwhelm the senses with too many floral plants in one space that can vie for your attention. Here are a few fragrant plants we recommend using in your backyard landscaping:

  • Jasmine 

  • Gardenia

  • Camellia

  • Viburnum

  • Lemongrass 


Pool Safety and Landscape Design

Pool safety is one of the most important aspects of choosing landscaping design in your backyard. With the help of a professional, you will know how to choose a safe location for each of your plants. For example, trees should be placed at least 10 feet away from your swimming pool. This rule is in place to not only protect the plant, but also the structure of your pool. Plants with thorns or other potentially dangerous features should also be avoided in most cases, especially if children will be using the swimming pool. 

Landscaping for Privacy

When relaxing in and around the pool, you don’t want to feel as if someone is always watching you. That is why it’s vitally important to remember privacy. With the right landscaping design, you won’t have to worry about feeling exposed when hosting events for friends and family. 

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Landscape Maintenance Near Swimming Pools

It will come as no surprise that landscaping design comes with some maintenance and care. However, you don’t want to spend all of your time clearing out fallen leaves and debris from plants in your backyard. Choosing low-maintenance plants will allow you to spend your free time relaxing in the pool instead of worrying about caring for your landscape. 


Professional Landscape Design in Memphis

Creating a safe and beautiful landscaping design around your swimming pool includes more work than just planting a few shrubs and trees. Hiring professionals like the team at Gurley’s who can design custom landscaping can turn your ordinary space into a unique oasis for friends and family to spend free time during the summer.  




What type of landscaping compliments a swimming pool?

Just like any other area of your home, choosing landscaping that compliments your swimming pool is an incredibly important part of keeping your backyard both beautiful and functional. Choosing the wrong plants and/or design can result in unwanted debris and interference with your water feature functions. Swimming pools are a huge investment, so your landscaping shouldn’t be ignored in the process. 

The Best Container Plants for Backyards

Looking for a convenient and beautiful way to incorporate plants into your swimming pool’s landscaping design? Not only are container plants typically easy to maintain, but they are also conveniently movable for any event or season when their location needs to be switched up. Potted plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, giving you a large selection of options to choose from. 



The Best Trees for Backyards with Swimming Pools

If you are on the hunt for an attractive solution for privacy while relaxing in your swimming pool, trees are one of our recommendations. Although you need to keep in mind their full-growth capacity, there are a variety of trees that are ideal for incorporating into your backyard with a swimming pool. 

What are the best trees to plant around swimming pools?

A few popular trees to plant around swimming pools include:

  • Palm trees

  • Citrus trees

  • False Cypress

  • Juniper trees


The Best Succulents for Backyards with Swimming Pools

Succulents are low-maintenance, simple, and easy to incorporate with other plants around your yard. Not only will succulents bring a unique appearance to your backyard oasis, but they also come in every size you may need to fill in large and small areas. Cotyledons, senecios, and dudleyas have become very popular to incorporate in your pool-side design. 

Ornamental Grasses for Backyards with Swimming Pools

Another low-maintenance landscaping alternative for your swimming pool is ornamental grass. Ornamental grasses will stand out against your pool and also create a sense of privacy for anyone relaxing. Ornamental grasses we recommend include: 

  • Zebra grass

  • Lemongrass

  • Giant reed

  • Rush

  • Feather grass


Swimming Pool Landscaping at Gurley’s in Memphis

If you are looking to transform your backyard with landscaping design around your swimming pool, don’t start alone. The team at Gurley’s is passionate about adding beauty and value to your home through professional landscaping services. Interested in having our team design a custom landscaping plan to compliment your swimming pool? Contact us today to request a quote. 


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