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Guide to Pond Maintenance: Tips for Updating Your Pond Seasonally

Why is pond maintenance important?

Installing a pond can change the entire appeal of your yard, making it even more beautiful than it was before. However, one misconception about ponds is you will be able to sit back and enjoy it without any extra maintenance. Ponds actually require extra attention in order to maintain their beauty and functionality. When properly cared for, your pond can last a very long time. Fortunately, pond maintenance isn’t too difficult when you know the right tips and tricks.

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8 Ways to Update Your Pond Seasonally

Beautiful landscaping doesn’t thrive on its own. Although each season requires different types of maintenance, pond maintenance doesn’t have to be hard work. When you do your part in maintaining your pond, it will continue to remain a beautiful water feature in your landscape design. Here are a few ways to update your pond seasonally:

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1. Manage your pond’s algae growth.

Although the aquatic animals in your pond receive a good source of food from algae, it’s important to understand why an excessive amount of algae can result in many different issues. Excessive amounts of algae result in what are called “algal blooms,” which can reduce oxygen in your pond. This may lead to disease and/or death of your aquatic animals. A few ways to control algae growth are:

  • Using algaecides to reduce growth

  • Increase oxygenating plants to block sunlight

  • Removing algae by hand, rake, or net


2. Maintain pond temperature.

Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, can affect the beauty and functionality of your pond. If you want your pond to look healthy all year round, maintaining its temperature is one of the best ways to do so. The first step to managing your pond’s temperature is to have a thermometer to routinely check for ideal temperatures throughout the year. During the winter, heating systems can help provide a warmer environment for aquatic life in your pond. Another tip to maintaining temperature during the winter is to turn off any extra water features, including waterfalls or fountains. 

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3. Invest in pond water treatments.

One efficient and effective way to provide proper pond maintenance is to invest in a variety of water treatments. Because ponds can survive in a variety of climates, there is a diverse selection of water treatments on the market to meet the needs of your pond. Whether you are looking to control water pests, enhance pond bacteria, or balance your pond’s pH levels, there is a water treatment on the market for you.


4. Build a water garden for your pond.

Looking for a fun way to maintain the beauty and health of your pond? Turn your ordinary pond into a water garden, and watch your plants, aquatic animals, and pond water thrive like never before. Water gardens are a popular landscaping project with features like:

  • Proper filtration

  • Colorful aquatic plants and animals

  • Waterfalls

  • More



5. Keep your pond well-aerated.

If you have invested in a larger, more systematic pond, you know the amount of tools and parts used in the process of building your beautiful water feature. Whether you have a generic pond or a water garden, all of the filters and pumps need to be cleaned during different seasons, especially during warmer months. When spring and summer roll around, you’re more likely to be running your pond for many hours on end. Therefore, maintaining the filters, pumps, and lines can be crucial in your pond’s health.



7. Control plant growth near your pond.

Chances are, your pond is located near other plants, shrubs, and trees. Falling leaves and other plant parts have the potential to cause problems in your pond. On the other hand, too much shade can cause your aquatic plants to die quicker, causing you to spend more money and time. 

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8. Let a professional build your pond.

Believe it or not, ponds are hard work. Without understanding each feature that goes into building a beautiful pond, you can waste a large amount of time and money. Our team at Gurley’s has been passionate about designing beautiful landscaping projects for customers since 1957. We have the right tools and expertise to provide you with the pond of your dreams.


Pond Maintenance in Memphis, TN

If you are interested in building a pond, the team at Gurley’s Azalea Garden would love to assist you by providing professional services, sound advice, and long-lasting results. With years of experience, we always put our best foot forward. 

To get started on your pond project or ask questions regarding pond maintenance, contact us today. 


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