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Guide to Pruning: When Should You Prune, How Do You Prune, & More

What is pruning?

Pruning is an essential part of maintaining any healthy garden or landscape. Whether it’s trees, shrubs, or other plants, pruning can help promote growth and allow plants to thrive. Pruning enhances the shape of your greenery as well to keep your landscape clean and visually appealing, which can also add curb appeal to your home. Most importantly of all, pruning removes and helps prevent disease and abnormal growth to help your landscaping thrive as long as possible, protecting your investment and your garden.


Why is pruning important?

Overall, pruning is beneficial for a variety of reasons. From proper growth to keeping your landscaping looking well-groomed, pruning should be part of every homeowner’s to-do list.





Pruning for Proper Growth

Pruning will allow your garden and landscaping to reach its fullest potential through healthy and proper growth. Proper pruning involves cutting away decaying or diseased growth that helps prevent further decay and promotes healthier growth in the future.


Pruning for Aesthetic Purposes

Pruning is not only a way to keep your plants healthy and happy, but it also helps maintain the beauty of your landscaping. Landscaping is hard work, and you don’t want your time to go to waste. Pruning can help make your landscaping even more beautiful by helping greenery maintain its ideal shape and size.


The Best Way to Prune Your Plants and Shrubs

Because each plant requires a different amount of pruning and care, your pruning technique may change from plant to plant. From rose bushes to basic shrubs, the ideal technique may vary. The health and age of your plant can also be a determining factor in how you prune. However, there are a few common tools used to prune plants regardless of the technique you choose, including: 


  • Clippers or pruning scissors

  • Pruning saws

  • Hedge shears

What are the different types of pruning?

Depending on the type of plant you’re pruning, you may need professional advice on which method of pruning will work best. There are many types of pruning that our team at Gurley’s can help with, including:


  • Thinning

  • Reduction

  • Cleaning

  • Raising

  • Structuring

  • Shaping

When should I prune?

Because pruning at the wrong time can leave long-term damage to your landscaping, it’s important to understand the ideal pruning season. The best time to prune is in late spring, and if you can only do so once a year, this is the ideal time to do so. Year-round pruning in various seasons can also be beneficial however.



The health of your plants will be a determining factor when considering when to prune your plants. However, spring is the most beneficial season to prune. Plants that are typically pruned during the spring include:

  • Flowering trees and shrubs

  • Evergreen shrubs

  • Deciduous grasses

  • Foliage







Even if you prune in late spring, pruning plants in the summer months is ideal for ensuring their health and proper growth. However, there are a few more plants that can be pruned during the summer months, including: 


  • Hedges

  • Flowering plants (after boom)

  • Climbing plants


Winter months can be long and harsh for many plants. However, pruning is one way to take care of your plants during the coldest weeks of the year. A multitude of plants reap the benefits of pruning in winter, including


  • Roses

  • Deciduous shrubs

  • Fruit bushes

Pruning at Gurley’s in Memphis

While we encourage homeowners to understand the most ideal methods of pruning to help keep their landscaping looking great, we also understand that not everyone has time to dedicate to pruning and maintaining their lawn and garden. 

Pruning can also become dangerous for those who are not qualified and knowledgeable about the process. We recommend calling a professional landscaper to properly prune your plants and shrubs throughout the year. The team at Gurley’s is trained to take care of your landscaping needs and to keep your yard looking beautiful year round. 

Our team is passionate about helping make your landscape more beautiful than ever. If you are interested in having our team prune your plants, contact us today to request a quote. 


Posted by Andrew Butas at 12:20