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Taking You Through the Construction Process

We began this unique job in September of 2016. This was a very fun project to work on as we got to work with a variety of materials that we don't see a lot of in the Mid-south area. Working closely with the client, we went through many options for materials to achieve the modern style that the client wanted.

We started construction on the custom gunite spa with a 5 foot accent wall featuring three sheer waterfalls and accent lighting. Choosing a tile for the accent wall that would tie into the colors and the style of the interior of their home was our first task. We met the client at a tile store and went through several samples and chose some we liked. We went the second best choice after finding the original tile we picked was on back order.

As the gunite spa is taking shape, we began grading and forming for the new patio space that will feature an upper terrace and lower patio space for relaxation by the spa and waterfalls. We bring in dirt, red sand, compacting tools to form up the upper terrace. Before we put in the concrete sub-base for the patio, we install a necessity for every project- drainage. Everything from the backyard is now being piped to the street. The next day we begin forming and pouring the concrete sub-base for the terrace and patio.

The next step in our project was installing landscaping on the far side of the yard so we could soon begin the installation of the artificial turf putting green. Installing the putting green took 3-4 guys about a week to get done. We followed up with the client daily to see if he liked it or wanted the speed to be faster. With a couple of tweaks after completed to get the right roll and speed, the putting green turned out great and the crews loved every minute. Their favorite part was getting to test it out after they finished working on the project.

Meanwhile, our tile for the accent wall behind the spa came in and we began installing the scuppers and back-splash for the spa and plastered it. Plumbing and equipment was then installed to get the spa running and begin curing. 

In the original plan, we had proposed ashlar pattern bluestone flagstone and brick retaining walls/ columns. But in order to get a more modern and clean finished look, we went with 24" x 36" pieces of 'blue ice' bluestone for the patio spaces and retaining walls/ columns. We stuck with a cut limestone cap for the retaining walls and caps to tie into the limestone coping on the spa. Since we switched the veneer of the retaining walls to bluestone, the next question was, what should the veneer of the outdoor kitchen be made of? The client and I pondered over this for a while and came to the conclusion to do it out of stained cedar wood planks with a sealed limestone counter top. 

Slowly moving our way out the gate we'd been using for access this entire time, we installed some 2' x 2' cut bluestone stepping stones and planted dwarf mondo grass between and installed a cedar wood fence to close the backyard in making this a very peaceful space to lounge and spend time with the family. Having completed the project, the family has gotten a lot of use out their spa and even had Christmas dinner out on their new patio. It is all about changing the way people live their lives outdoors and the memories they create as a family that make this job fulfilling. Contact our landscaping contractors today about your next landscaping project!

Posted by Andrew Butas at 07:54