Private Retreat Landscape Project in Memphis | Gurley's Azalea Garden

The client initially contacted us to renovate their front yard landscape and perform some drainage work. Because their home is located on a corner lot facing a busy road, the clients wanted us to create a landscape screening plan that blocked the road from the view of their front window.

To meet the challenge, we created a series of plant screens that hide the road and establish privacy but still allow the them to enjoy a pleasant yard view. Our landscape staging provides a sensory illusion of the traffic being further away from their property than it actually is. After we finished updating the front yard, we turned our eye to the side yard. There we built a courtyard with a flagstone patio that abuts the master bedroom, featuring a tranquil fountain and a walkway connecting the entire area to the backyard.

Private Retreat Photo

Initially, the backyard was exposed and provided the clients with very little privacy. As in the front yard, we turned to landscape screening as a natural, subtle answer to this problem. We used very large, mature plants to produce an immediate effect, blocking the poolside area from view of the roadside and minimizing the sounds of nearby traffic. Now, when the they enter their the backyard, the only sounds they hear are those of friends and family enjoying themselves.